8 habits that accelerate premature aging

We are all in search of a makeover, looking for a magical elixir to stay forever young and healthy. But there is no secret and the passage of time is
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 8 habits that accelerate premature aging

8 habits that accelerate premature aging

We are all in search of a makeover, looking for a magical elixir to stay forever young and healthy. But there is no secret and the passage of time is inevitable. However, it is possible to take some precautions to slow down the process. An impeccable lifestyle can give you a few more years. Unfortunately, certain bad habits stick with us and cause us to age prematurely! Want to preserve your youth capital as long as possible? Here are the 8 enemies to banish from your daily life.

What makes us age prematurely?

Most of us have a busy schedule and a hectic life, between work, children and daily activities. It's not always easy to get out of routine. But we do our best to try to escape it. On the other hand, as we know, stress remains the scourge of the century. Unfortunately, to counter it, we often indulge in bad habits. Recurring errors that end up “stealing” our best years. Because of fatigue, laziness or simply unconsciousness, we end up letting ourselves go into an illusory and unhealthy comfort zone. At the top of the list of the most harmful habits are smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of physical activity and unbalanced diet. A chaos that can cause us to lose up to 12 years of life expectancy, researchers warn.

1. Lack of sleep

One of the reasons why our skin ages earlier is the chaotic relationship we have with sleep. Not sleeping enough, staying up too often, increasing insomnia... All these nocturnal disturbances create a real disorder in our internal clock. The body ends up releasing more cortisol, a “stress hormone.” As a result, collagen, which keeps the skin smooth and supple, gradually breaks down, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Cigarettes

We don't teach you anything, tobacco is a real nemesis which increases the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. But smokers should also notice harmful effects on their skin: it wrinkles over time, turns yellow more quickly and sees ugly spots appear. Smoking cigarettes reduces the blood flow that carries essential nutrients like oxygen to the surface of the skin. Result: collagen production decreases in the body.

3. Poorly hydrated skin

When skin dries out, it becomes tighter and drier, as can be seen in an older person. So, obviously, hydration is essential. But, you have to take certain precautions when washing. Morning and evening, when you wash your face, do it gently so as not to irritate your skin. And use healthy, alcohol-free products. Avoid chemical products as much as possible which risk drying it out further. Always use gentle moisturizers and above all, don't forget to remove your makeup every evening before sleeping. Suffocating skin ends up aging prematurely. Finally, drink plenty of water during the day, because the skin is hydrated both from the inside and the outside.

4. The frown

Yes, it's easier said than done. Because we tend to frown without even realizing it. But, try as much as possible to avoid this facial expression which deepens the famous frown lines. The more you frown, the more the skin wrinkles and the more wrinkles form over time. We can imagine that this is difficult to avoid. For example, when the light is strong or the sun is shining in your direction, you immediately have the reflex to squint your eyes, it's beyond you. Unfortunately, wrinkles, commonly called “crow’s feet,” end up forming in the corners. Why not wear sunglasses or a hat more often to remedy this?

5. You don't control your blood pressure

Remember, high blood pressure also increases the risk of age-related problems like vascular dementia. It is therefore important to control your blood pressure periodically by adopting a proper diet, exercise and perhaps also appropriate medications. This will help delay aging, but also prevent possible brain damage.

6. Very dark clothes

It’s quite silly, but “bright colors illuminate the face and blur dark areas,” as specialist Manon Alves explains. The choice of colors for your clothes is not random. Certain tones can enhance your face, while others risk dulling it and making you look old. Because the colors are reflected in the skin. It's true, we tend to wear darker outfits in winter and much lighter ones in summer, but the main thing is to choose clothes that flatter you. You must therefore learn to adapt with the evolution of your skin: if your face has become paler with age, you must harmonize it with the colors that suit it best, even if you did not have the habit of wearing these tones. Let's take the example of black: this color probably suited you perfectly when you were in your thirties, but maybe 10 years later, it doesn't make you look any younger. In which case, other colors such as dark gray, intense blue or even brighter shades may be more flattering.

7. Inappropriate haircut or color

“Wow, you just became 10 years younger! ”, your best friend just said to you. Yes, you have just come out of the hairdresser and you have dared to have a new haircut which has completely refreshed your face. Casually, a simple cut of scissors can work miracles! It can also be an unsuspected anti-aging weapon. But be careful, the opposite is also true. An unsuitable cut can make you look ten years older! “Always opt for a cut that outlines the profile of the face,” as facial hair stylist Paula Veiga suggests. As for coloring, she recommends choosing a lighter color, or shades slightly brighter than your natural complexion, because “soft, light tones make the face shine more,” she specifies. “Having only one color hair makes you age, whether it is brown, blonde or white. Don’t hesitate to add a few shades or pretty highlights to brighten up your hair. Your face will then appear more radiant and younger! », insists Manon Alves. Don't forget to take special care of your eyebrows, whose tone must be harmonious with that of the iris.

8. A lack of accessories like glasses

As with choosing clothes, the fashion expert urges you to be more creative when it comes to selecting the accessories you wear every day. Glasses, for example, “are crucial on days when you don’t have time to create a new look,” concludes Paula Veiga. Jewelry, bags, scarves, hair accessories... Have fun breaking up your image that is sometimes a little too smooth to give some pep to your style.

Finally, to extend life expectancy, specialists of course recommend a balanced lifestyle, especially in terms of diet: eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more meals rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and good fats. To preserve your health, hydrate yourself as much as possible by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Also focus on physical exercise: we are not asking you to torture your body, 30 minutes a day is enough to stay in shape. A walk, a bit of cycling, swimming, dancing… there is no shortage of choice to vary the activities. In summary, be active, eat well, drink alcohol in moderation and renounce vices of all kinds as much as possible!
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