Exercises to lose weight ten kilograms in a week

There are several answers to the different parts of this question, which we explain in the following paragraph:
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 Exercises to lose weight ten kilograms in a week

Exercises to lose weight ten kilograms in a week

There are several answers to the different parts of this question, which we explain in the following paragraph:

It is not possible to lose 10 pounds in a week most of the time

Many people try to lose weight quickly, and one of the most common ways is to follow an exercise regimen to lose weight dramatically and to follow strict or low-calorie diets containing less than 800 calories per day.

It should be noted that the best way to lose weight is to lose it gradually, which can be maintained and its results are maintained.

The fats, so you should avoid diets or products that promise rapid and incredible weight loss , known as the obsession diet, but weight loss is recommended based on changes in diet and physical activity, which can be adhered to over time.

The normal rate of weight loss varies between 0.5 and 1 kilogram per week, and since the average weight loss is around one kilogram per week, one would expect to lose 10 kilograms for around 10 weeks at least safely and healthily.

In fact, the initial weight loss is significant; It is possible to lose more than a kilogram in the first week, which is normal and expected, and the weight lost during this period is usually water weight.

Cases who can lose more than one kilogram per week

men lose weight faster than women, at least at the beginning of the weight loss phase, because men's bodies tend to have more muscle tissue, which is characterized by burning more calories compared to to adipose tissue.

Higher weight objects also tend to lose more kilograms than lower weight bodies, but the percentage of weight lost from the original weight tends to be the same for everyone, for example, a person weighing 136 kilograms can lose 4.5 kilograms after cutting 1000 calories from an average.

The daily consumption is two weeks, and a person of the same age and sex who weighs 73 kilograms can only lose 2.3 kilograms by following the same method, and many other factors and conditions affect the loss of more than one kilogram per week.

It is not enough to exercise to lose weight

Healthy eating contributes to 70% of weight loss, while exercise contributes to 30% of weight loss, which means that a diet or diet is necessary to lose weight, even if it is not is not accompanied by physical activity, and it should be noted that reducing calories consumed promotes weight loss more effectively than increased exercise.

In fact, relying on diet and exercise together leads to faster weight loss because burning calories during physical activity, in addition to reducing daily calorie intake, leads to weight loss. fast and with high efficiency.

Weight loss diet

  As mentioned earlier, exercising and ignoring diet is not a good weight loss strategy because losing weight requires burning more calories than calories consumed, or eating fewer calories than the body does. 'needs it daily, and if the calories consumed are not reduced, it Weight loss, and the following points show the advantages and benefits of following a weight loss plan:

Promote safe and sustainable weight loss.
Learn how to make healthy food choices.
Learn the skills to reduce the chances of regaining weight and to maintain stability.
Follow an exercise program to help you lose weight.
See weekly progress results and build on them in the assessment.

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