The 5 best exercises to burn fat and tighten the muscles of the buttocks!

Every woman dreams of a slim and toned body and a toned, fat-free body to enjoy an attractive look.
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 The 5 best exercises to burn fat and tighten the muscles of the buttocks!

The 5 best exercises to burn fat and tighten the muscles of the buttocks!

Every woman dreams of a slim and toned body and a toned, fat-free body to enjoy an attractive look. In order to achieve this, we asked leading fitness expert Charlotte Stebbing (Regional Fitness Manager, Fitness First Middle East, Abu Dhabi) to give us 5 exercises to burn fat and tone the buttocks with effective results.

Fitness goals for women differ between aesthetic and athletic goals, and it is important to realize that women face many challenges when it comes to fitness. Simply put, you need smart, effective workouts. So get motivated and do the 5 simple and basic exercises to gain more energy and get a fit, healthy and attractive body.

Trust yourself and expert Charlotte, who says, "It's not just a workout, it's a complete lifestyle change." And trust us, these exercises are fun, interesting and extremely beneficial, and can give you the physique of your dreams. Come and take a look with us, and get ready to go.

1- Deadlift:

Exercises targeting the hips, butt, back and legs.
It activates more than one group of major muscles, and leads to enhancing the metabolism process.
Helps improve overall body strength and physical performance during activities of daily living.

How do we perform the deadlift?
- Put the dumbbells completely in front of the hips and hold them at arm length in a straight state.
We bend the body with the hips and knees only and lower the body towards the floor.
Stay in that position, with your torso straight.
While trying to stand up and lift the weight, we try to squeeze and work the muscles of the buttocks and push the hip area forward.

Most women love this exercise because it enhances stamina along with burning fat, and it is also known to reduce the negative effects of wearing high heels. And make sure that the deadlift does not make the women's body bloated.

2- Kettlebell swing exercises:

We contract the deep abdominal muscles.
- It combines strength and performance of cardio exercises, and is a good weight loss exercise.
Highlights the back and shoulder muscles.

How to do the Kettlebell:
Stand on the Kettlebell with thighs and legs apart, chest up and shoulders back and down.
Move your thighs down and back. Grip the weight ball firmly in the palm of your hand, with your thumb wrapped around the ball completely freely.
Push your hips up and forward firmly, to stand up straight, keeping your arms extended and straight while holding the exercise ball.
Squeeze the muscles of the buttocks firmly to stand upright, pull your shoulders back firmly, and make sure the entire trunk of the body is involved in the training to feel the contraction of the muscles in the abdomen, back and spine area. Then you head the ball down between your legs and back up again.
Repeat it.

The ultimate goal of fitness exercises is to lose body fat, especially in the areas around the waist, thighs and arms. Kettlebell exercises give you all that, as you will have the ability to burn fat when you continue the exercises intensely.

Fat burning exercises and tightening the muscles of the buttocks

3- Squat exercises:

- Gives you strength, reshapes the legs, thighs and buttocks.
It helps to stand well while maintaining the balance of the body and keeping the trunk of the body strong with a harmonious and attractive appearance.
It enhances flexibility and movement of the body well.

How to perform squats:
Grip the dumbbells firmly with your hands to contract the core muscles of the core.
Bend the knees and transfer the weight of the body back onto the heels to contract the muscles of the buttocks.
Push your body up with your buttock muscles to stand upright.

This training is very suitable for women to have higher heart rates, and therefore higher rates of burning calories. This is simply because it is a workout that requires no equipment, is easy to perform, enhances overall fitness, maintains body flexibility and balance, and gives women quick results.

4- Bridges training:

Very important to make the buttocks tight and consistent.
- Creates a relationship and communication between the mind and muscles, activating the muscles of the buttocks and the muscles of the pelvic floor.
It achieves stability and strength of the body structure, which prevents lower back pain (common in women).

How to perform bridge exercises:
Lie on your back, keeping your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent.
Fingertips touch the heels, pushing the heels firmly toward the floor.
The abdominal muscles will contract, and here push the lower back hard towards the floor.
Breathe in and raise the thighs off the floor (avoid arching the back).
Repeat this several times.

It is recommended to perform bridge exercises for women in order to have a strong and flexible back and prevent injuries. Which is reflected in giving the entire body incredible flexibility and flexibility. Fitness trainers and yoga teachers love this exercise, and you will surely love it too.

5- The plank exercise:

It gives strength and builds the core and torso of the body well by training the internal abdominal muscles.
- Helps to get rid of stomach fat and recede to get a flat belly.
- Creates balance in the body structure, and enhances the appearance of a straight and graceful body.​

How to do the plank:
Adjust the position of the body down so that your face is against the floor, then put the elbows directly under the shoulders.
Resting the weight of the body on the knees or the front of the feet. Then we contract the abdominal muscles and pull the belly button toward the spine.
- We squeeze the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.
Stay in this position for 30-60 seconds.

Flexibility is the main advantage that you will get from doing plank exercises on a regular basis. This exercise will stretch and stretch all sets The back muscles, shoulders, and collarbones, as well as the extensions of the hamstrings and the bends of your feet and toes. Most importantly, this exercise only takes 5-10 minutes out of your daily routine to keep fit, and keep your body strong and healthy.
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