What are the exercises that remove the rumen?

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What are the exercises that remove the rumen
Erasing exercises
There are several exercises to burn belly fat such as: jogging, walking, swimming and other exercises that help to burn calories and eliminate fat.
Crunch long arms: This exercise is performed by lying on the ground, then lifting the arm back and expanding it, keeping it next to the ears and then tying the fingers, and then lifting the shoulders carefully away from the ground, slowly pulling the abdomen, and the arm is raised, 12-16 times and from group to three groups, and this exercise is an alternative to Crunch Earth; it is more difficult than it.
Stretching for both sides: This is done by standing straight and keeping the thighs apart, then placing the right hand on the left thigh, opening the left hand cuff, lifting it straight up, keeping the legs steady, then the left hand ache to the right. With the right hand and the left side, and repeat the exercise three to five times on each side.

Exercises using the ball
There are several exercises using the ball, including:
Crunch of the abdomen
This exercise is done by using the ball, by sitting on the exercise ball, so that the hip joint is on the ball, level with the ground, then walk until it is mid back on the ball, the knees at 90 degrees angle, then put the hands on the head, Abdomen, lift the upper body towards the legs, then take the inspiration and return to the beginning, this exercise helps to create greater resistance to the abdomen.
The ball raising exercise
This exercise works to lower the abdomen and draw muscle from the lower side, and be applied by lying on the mat play, and put the hands on the side of the body with the opening of the legs, and put the ball between them, and then take an inspiration with the pressure on the ball between the legs and raised to the top as well as lifting the hips , And hold on to the ball to be taken to the exhale and exhalation three times, and then return to the starting position, and repeat this exercise until the abdomen is exhausted.

The bridge exercise
This exercise works to draw various abdominal muscles and basic, according to the Mayo Clinic clinic, by lying on the mat play, and put the arms to the side of the body, with the feet above the ball, and then take an inspiration with the tension of the stomach and lift the hips And the buttocks on the ground, so that it becomes a straight line from the shoulders to the feet, and then count to three seconds, and back to the starting point, and then exhale, and repeat this exercise until the stomach is exhausted
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